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Leasing vehicles is one of the simplest ways to finance a vehicle on a fixed and guaranteed budget; with an agreed figure that will be matched to the anticipated residual value at the end of the agreement term. The responsibility of the risk on the future residual value of the vehicle will then be with the lease company.

The ownership of the vehicle remains with the lessor، and the normal annual writing down allowances would apply. You simply decide on the time period you would like to keep the vehicle, the mileage you expect to cover، and whether or not you’d wish to have the vehicle’s full or part maintenance to be included in your monthly payment. Then one simple monthly payment is all it takes to keep you or your staff mobile.

If you already own vehicles, you wish to replace، leasing can begin with a deposit usually equal to one monthly payment. This avoids any setbacks that would be created in your cash flow، by purchasing a new vehicle.

Autorent offers Reliable & Safe Transport Services for Corporate Clients, Banks, Educational Institutes, Travel / Tour Companies and Private Groups. In addition on to Car Rental and Leasing Services, Autorent also offers Transportation Services for the customers.

Autorent Transport Advantages

Captains (We term our "Drivers as Captains" who leads the fleet)

  • Speak Fluent English
  • Knowledgeable about Locations
  • Pleasing Personality
  • Helpful
  • Personalized Service
  • All the Passengers are covered for Personal Accident Insurance
  • Well Experienced Customer Support Staff
  • Professional Approach

Autorent has an extensive selection of used cars for sale. These vehicles are all regularly serviced and maintained. Customers purchasing any of these vehicles can rest assure that they are receiving a reliable well-maintained vehicle. Customers can buy used cars or second hand cars which are well-maintained and in good condition.

Please fill below form to get quotes of Used Cars in UAE, Oman & KSA. 

Daily / Weekly Car Rental Services in UAE, OMAN or KSA

Looking for renting a car for a Day or a Week? Choose your car from our wide range of fleet. By renting a daily or weekly car from Autorent you get dedicated and personalized service. Our flexibility and cost effectiveness is the value added to our service. For Daily or Weekly Car rentals; You can book online to confirm your interest or you can call to 600549993 to rent a car anywhere in UAE.

Daily / Weekly Car Rental Service Includes:

  • Minimum 24 Hours Rental، Calculated on 24 hours basis، with a free Grace Period of up to 2 Hours
  • 300 Kms Free / Day
  • Free Replacement Vehicles
  • 24-Hour Breakdown Service
  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance (Optional)
  • Collision Damage Waiver (Optional)

Rent a Car in Dubai

If you are are considering rent a car in dubai then you can walk to any of following 4 locations in Dubai. 

  1. Sultan Business Center, Near To Lamcy Plaza, Oud Metha, Dubai - +971 4 3366337
  2. European Business Center, Dubai Investment Park (DIP), Dubai - +971 4 8855757
  3. Liberty Building, Garhoud, Dubai - +971 4 3705455
  4. Al Quoz Industrial Area 4, Opposite to  Dubai - +971 4 320 7715

You can find detail address and map coordinates in our location page for renting cars in dubai. 

Rent a Car in Abu-Dhabi

If you are are considering rent a car in Abu dhabi then you can walk to any of following 2 locations in Abu dhabi

  1. Al Falah Street, Abu Dhabi - +971 2 6350250
  2. Musaffah Industrial Area, Abu dhabi - +971  2 5512162

Rent a Car in Sharjah

If you are are considering rent a car in Sharjah then you may call to +971 6 5521175 or walk in to Autorent counter at Al Marija Street, Sharjah counter.

Rent a Car in Muscat

If you want to rent a car in muscat either daily or weekly basis then you may walk-in to our  Al Qurum, muscat location or call to +968 2 4571951

You can also rent a car in other locations in Oman such as Salalah and Sohar. You can find detail address and map coordinates in our location page.

Rent a Car in Riyadh, Jeddah & Damam

In Saudi Arabia we are present in 3 locations : Riyadh, Jeddah & Damam. Please contact to our branch to find out more details about our latest offers and promotion.

You can now choose the convenient location and make your car rental reservation online.  You can also find out exciting monthly car rental deals at Autorent

Monthly Car Rentals Services in UAE, OMAN & KSA

Need a car for a month or more without any Commitments? Travel the way you like, let it be to office or an extended vacation or a short term trip. Autorent is here to assist you in hiring a car for month or more with our wide range of young fleet، State of the art infrastructure, and flexible monthly car rental plans. in UAE, Autorent has branches in Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi to avail monthly car rental services. If you are looking for renting monthly car call to our call center number 600549993 or your may send us an email to [email protected]

Short Term Monthly Car Rentals Includes:

  • Minimum 30 days Rental, Calculated on Day basis and Pro rated after 30 Days of rental.
  • Incase returned before 30 days, respective Daily/Weekly rate will be applied
  • 4500 Kms Free / Month
  • Free Replacement Vehicles
  • 24-Hour Breakdown Service all over UAE
  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • Free personal Accident Insurance for Driver
  • Passenger Accident insurance ( Optional)
  • Collision Damage Waiver ( Optional)


Reasons for Choosing Autorent for Monthly Car Rental in UAE


  • Cost Saving : Compared to daily or weekly rental, monthly car rental is cheaper. In short "Rent More, Save More" is a mantra to be remembered while renting a car.
  • Car Replacement:  One of the most important benefit on monthly car rental option is that it comes with easy replacement in the event of accident of breakdown. You don't need to worry about hassles. You can be relaxed and assured of best in class service with Autorent's monthly car rental 
  • Flexibility : Now renting a car for month with Autorent comes with flexiblity. Whether you want to renew monthly rental service or extend it as per your own convenience.
  • Convenience : It is always rewarding to rent a car from Autorent. We deliver a car for free to customer's location and pick-up from their place at the end of monthly rental contract. 

You can also get exciting daily and weekly car rental offers on Autorent Whereas  If you are looking to rent a car for a longer term, then Leasing A Car would be more beneficial. 

Short-Term Car Leasing

We offer wide range of Rental Car Leasing Products & Services to Small, Medium & Large-size Corporate Customers. The services are tailor-made to offer convenient and less expensive fleet management solutions.

At Autorent, Leasing a Car for short term would be most flexible and cost effective option for contract hire of 1 to 24 months.  Short Term car leasing is a right choice when you want to rent a car for longer period but not commited for yearly car lease contract.

If you need to have ultimate flexibility, why not use our daily & weekly car rental service? We can provide cars in UAE (Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah,), Oman (Muscat, Salalah, Sohar), Saudi Arabia (Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam).

Long Term Car or Vehicle Lease 

If you are looking for a long term car leasing or yearly car rental solution, then you have made it to the right choice of choosing autorent. You can find best offers on yearly car rental or vehicle lease 

At Autorent, the goal is to provide the best superior services to the customers that match the needs of the cusotmer, effectively and efficiently. Autorent Car Rental provides vehicles of your choice , which include wide range of Saloon cars, SUVs, commercial vehicles and Buses. The long term Lease tenure ranges from 1 to 4 years. The following are the services included in this lease.

  • Brand New Vehicles
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Free Replacement Vehicles at your doorstep
  • Insurance / Registration
  • Free Road side Assistance 24/7
  • Free custody Service
  • Free Personal Accident Insurance for Driver
  • Personal accident insurance for Passengers (Optional)

Long term car leasing or yearly car lease is a right option compared to our economical monthly car rental service. As soon as you choose your prefered car, brand and model; we will do everything for you such as procurement, registration, vehicle passing to respective authorities such as RTA. Till you get new vehicle we would also arrange pre-lease vehicle for you. At Autorent minimum car leasing period is one year. However you can choose more than one year for your car leasing requirement. Autorent offers car leasing solutions to both individual and corporate. With Autorent you can be assured with minimum cost and maximum advantages such as Brand new vehicles, Free registration & insurance, Free maintenance and replacement, 24x7 roadside assistance, dedicated account manager & CRM support.

If you are looking for rent a car on daily or weekly basis, or on short term lease, Autorent would deliver the best service. To get our sales representative call you, just fill in our contact us form.

  • Your Vehicles shall be Serviced at our Workshops
  • Replacement Vehicles are provided (Optional)
  • Processing Insurance Claims
  • Free Pick-up / Delivery of Vehicles at your doorstep
  • Maintain Service History for your Vehicles in our Systems
  • Registrations / Renewals
  • Dedicated manpower at your site in case of large fleet of vehicles
  • Assistance for Selling Vehicles through our in-house Used Cars Division
  • Salik Toll Gate Fees Management (applicable in UAE)
  • Arrange competitive fleet insurance policies

Advantage of Leasing a Car over Buying Car

People are always in dilema whether they should lease a car or buy a car. Indeed it is one of the most confusing yet an important question to be answered. Whether buying a car is beneficial or not depends on different factors and situations but leasing a car has always more advantages. We have highlighted following benefits of car leasing over purchasing a vehicle

  • Lower Fixed Monthly Cost and No Down Payment
  • Drive a Brand New Car with value for money
  • Benefits of Replacement during service, breakdown 
  • Flexiblity of availing brand new car with every couple of years. 
  • No hassle on registration, vehicle passing, selling, insurance and so many other things
  • Free Service , No need to worry about higher cost maintenance / repair cost 

In a constant changing jobmarket and people's dynamic lifestyle, leasing a car is more popular option with more flexiblity and convinience. 

Operational Lease

We will assist you in providing vehicles of your choice from the wide range of Saloon cars, SUVs and Buses. The Lease tenure ranges from 1 to 4 years. The following are the services included in this lease.

  • Brand New Vehicles
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Free Replacement Vehicles at your doorstep
  • Insurance / Registration
  • Free Road side Assistance
  • Free custody Service
  • Free Personal Accident Insurance for Driver
  • Personal accident insurance for Passengers (Optional)

To avail your cheap car leasing deals, contact us by filling out the form below and our sales executive shall get in touch with you

  • Short-term : Daily / Weekly Transport Services
  • Long-term : Monthly / Yearly
  • Transport Management Services
  • Deploy our Trained / Professional Manpower @ Your Site to Manage Your Transport
  • You need not have dedicated manpower to manage Transport Services
  • Our Modern Transport Management Software helps you
    • Minimize Fuel Expenses
    • Toll Gate Expense Management (Salik)
    • Schedule Routes / Drivers
    • Hassle Free Management
  • Help you to find Suitable Transport Operators
    • Call for Quotes from Qualified Service Providers
    • Negotiate Rates
    • Award Transport Contracts
  • Qualified & Knowledgeable Manpower
  • Your Investment – 10% of the Contract Value as our Management Fees

Autorent Car Rental operates through a wide network covering Dubai with offices at Al karama, Ras Al Khor, Dubai investment park as well as offices at Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Internationally Autorent provides services in Oman having direct offices at Muscat, Salalah, and in Saudi Arabia at Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam.  All Autorent offices in Middle-east has got the in-house service stations, to ensure vehicles are well-maintained to meet the transportation needs to the customers.