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What to expect in Dubai?

The pulsating city life, modern infrastructure, and being one of the world’s major economic hubs, Dubai is always on the move. This ever-lively city epitomises the bright present and the promising future of our times. Tourists throng Dubai. It is also a hub of many different cultures and ethnicities. Futuristic roads and well-connected highways make it easier to travel, yet the pace may be challenging for some. Renting a vehicle especially for someone from outside can be often challenging. Some pointers in this regard can always help.
Things to know before renting a car in Dubai:
- Taxis are cheaper, but for a longer stay and continued hire, taxis may not be a wise decision after all.
- Dubai metro system is more concentrated in the city area. Outside city travel cannot be dependent on metro service.
- A car on hire can be economical and easy to opt for travel to other Emirates easily.
- Renting a car can protect you to a large extent if the vehicle meets with an accident. At most times, the risk of insurance claims and other legal matters is borne by the rental agency.
- Documents required are your passport, your visit visa and your driving license from home. Depending on where you are coming from, you may also need an international driving permit.
- Rental car companies offer a wide array of cars from economy range to luxury cars.

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