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Car Rental Tips for Residents in Dubai

20th September 2022

Car Rental Tips for Residents in Dubai

Car rental is not an option only for tourists and travellers in UAE. Anyone can rent a car in Dubai, including a Dubai resident. Recently, car rental in Dubai has become the most sought travel option for many tourists and business travellers.

It is so because renting a car opens up so many possibilities to a traveller, which they are otherwise unable to avail using conventional means of transportation.

Not all the places in the UAE are accessible by buses and trains. Availing taxi services for visiting various places in the UAE will end up as a costly affair.

Autorent Car Rental offers daily, weekly, and monthly car rental packages which can be an affordable option for travellers, especially when travelling in a group or with family.

Such rental services can be availed by a UAE citizen too. But one needs to have a plan before opting for a car rental service.

Here are some essential tips before deciding on renting a car in Dubai.

Have a valid driver's license

The most basic thing before approaching a car rental service is to have a valid UAE driver's license. The rental agency will also ask you to submit a copy of your Emirates ID before issuing a car for rent. In some cases, the agency may also ask for more documents for validation.

Plan your travel or usage

One must plan the travel to make the most out of the car rental. If you are planning to travel with family, chart out your travel plans before renting a car. This includes deciding for how long you wish to rent the car. Depending on the time, season, and necessity of the client packages may be customized too. Planning may help in bringing down the overall cost and getting the maximum benefit from the rental.

Get the right information from the agency

It always helps to get as much information as possible from the rental company about what is included in the package and what are the duties of the client. For example, the toll system in the UAE can be confusing for a first-time driver. Salik is an automatic payment system. Most rental companies charge the total toll amount to the client's bill at the end of the rental period. Get the right information from the service provider before getting the keys to the car.
Like the toll and traffic, the parking system in Dubai is unique, one that changes on weekdays and holidays. If you are new to driving in the city, this system can be overwhelming. Your rental agency can help you in this regard. As the penalties for violations are heavy in Dubai, it is advised to get all information from the company.

Choose the right company

Choosing the right car rental in Dubai can be an arduous task. It can come as a surprise that residing in the UAE one is not aware of the best car rental service. Travellers from abroad may be more aware of the rental companies in the UAE than a local, due to their extensive research before travelling. Before you decide on the service provider try to gather more information about them. Websites, blogs, reviews, third-party ratings etc may come in handy. The years of experience in the sector, the strength of the fleet, and the packages offered can also be a yardstick before making a decision.

Read the policy

As many car rental decisions are made in haste, many do not go through the company guidelines and rules and policies of the car rental agency. Without reading the policy guidelines thoroughly, some make rash or ignorant decisions during the rental period and end up paying more, even when the company had offered affordable packages.

It is extremely important that as a customer you go through the rental agreement to avail the most out of your package. Have a detailed discussion with the company executive about the offer. Autorent Car Rental offers attractive packages on all kinds of cars. Make the best use of your rental plan.

Travelling through the UAE in a car can be an enjoyable experience. Renting a car in the UAE for day-to-day use or in emergencies can be a viable solution to many of your travel needs.

Monthly car rental can also be opted by those who have a short-term business assignment in another part of the Emirate.

Autorent Car Rental offers convenient, affordable and customizable car rental solutions. Doing the basic homework and planning for such travels will go a long way in making your rental experience unique and joyful.

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