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Considering replacing your old car to avoid constantly paying for its costly maintenance and repairs? But worried about the high price tag of a brand-new car? The leasing professionals at Autorent are experts in all aspects of leasing, having years of experience in helping you choose the best deals for your next brand-new ride.

We offer personalised leasing solutions to suit all financial backgrounds, so you can be sure we have a plan that's right for you. Simply pick your desired vehicle from a wide selection of makes and models, and then pay your affordable monthly rentals to keep you on the road driving around in your favourite model.

Once your contract ends, you can either choose to extend it, swap your car for a brand new one of your choices, or simply hand the keys back and walk away. Our leasing expertise allows you to enjoy driving latest models without digging a hole in your pocket or having to go through the hassle of trying to sell your current car.

Leasing with you in mind

- Fixed monthly rental

No large bills or unexpected price increases during the term of your lease.

- Cost-effective

No maintenance costs, repairs, or car depreciation to worry about - inexpensive and hassle-free.

- Road tax and insurance includede

Our all-inclusive car leasing means all you need to do is add fuel and we take care of the rest

- Worry-free travels

Free-of-charge round the clock roadside assistance and temporary replacement vehicle provided on location.

- Drive a brand-new car

All the latest tech and safety features, plus free personal accident insurance to keep you enjoying your new ride.

- Move freely

All our cars come with an All-GCC travel permit so you can plan that weekend getaway you’ve always wanted.

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